Roland Stafford Golf Schools
short game

Lower your golf score with speciality shots and a good technique


A good short game is essential if you want to lower your golf score. During golf school we teach all phases of the short game; pitching from 10 to 30 yards out, bunkers and the precarious lies, chipping from around the green, flop shots with a sand wedge, the mechanics of putting and specialty shots that are designed to cut strokes off your game. Remember, every swing counts as 1 stroke even a 2 foot putt.


There are many variables that will determine the type of shot you choose to execute around or on the green:

  • wet or dry grass
  • hard or soft sand
  • speed and grain of green
  • fluffy or tight lie
  • into or down wind

And so many techniques one can use:

  • open or closed stance
  • regular or putting grip
  • club selection
  • length of swing
  • high or low trajectory

We’ll teach you:

  • The rhythmic flop shot need to carry the ball over water and sand from about 10 to 40 yards out.
  • The ever dreaded bunker shot, executed by hitting the sand first, not the ball directly.
  • The elusive mechanics of putting, requiring good technique, concentration and a lot of practice.
  • The secrets of chipping, dictated by conditions and club selection.