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Many of you might know of Roland Stafford’s storied playing and teaching career; worthy of his election to the Northeast PGA Hall of Fame in 1999, but far fewer know of his background as an educator with a Master’s Degree in Music Education. His musical talents and golf abilities together culminated in his success as a player, and evolved into his golf instruction methodology that has been benefiting students of the game for over twenty six years. As you might assume, rhythm and tempo are critical elements of his teaching methodology.

Roland broke the golf swing down into 4 fundamentals: grip, levels, connection and tempo.  *Note your upper torso is referred to as your center.

The Grip - Hold the club correctly to reach your potential
Levels - Set up level horizontally and vertically
  Connection - Keep your elbows in front of the center, the same distance from the center and the same distance apart throughout the swing.
  Tempo - All things being equal, you have to have a smooth and rhythmic tempo
  Short Game - To lower your score the short game also requires good mechanics and some specialty shots.  Here’s just a few.
  Flop Shot
  Bunker Shots
  Chip Shot
  5 Iron Chip Shot

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